You Can’t Go Wrong Eating At These Four Vero Beach Restaurants

Imagine you are driving around Vero Beach looking for a place to eat. Wait, maybe you are! So many places look good, but what if you hit a dud? You’re on vacation, and you don’t have time for a bad experience. You want the total experience, the complete package: good food, good service and a pleasant atmosphere. You will get that when you visit these four restaurants in one of the most beautiful cities in Florida, Vero Beach.

I mentioned Taco Dive at the end of the last article, but I didn’t go into detail. It is something I want to do now after looking at the picture of a taco bowl served up there. Taco Dive is located at 1901 14th Avenue, and it is best to stop there for lunch, according to reviews. The food looks absolutely delicious, so I had to mention Taco Dive again in case this cuisine is what you are craving.

Rio Coco Beans sounds like a unique place, and it is also a top ranked restaurant in Vero Beach. Located at 3300 43rd Avenue, Rico Coco Beans is said to serve up great breakfast and lunch. You can expect great coffee according to the reviews, and wraps and paninis are two popular menu items there. As you can imagine, there are all kinds of choices wrapped up in those two menu options.

It’s time for another pizza place. If you read the other articles about Vero Beach restaurants, then you know that there are some great pizza places in Hibiscus City. Pizza Mia is located at 1115 21st Street, and cheesesteaks are another popular choice. The pizza looks absolutely delicious by the way, and this place is also known for its stromboli.

I have one more restaurant to tell you about. Nino’s Cafe is located at 1006 Easter Lily Lane, and it is yet another place that serves up a mean pizza. Pizza isn’t all this place is known for though, not even close. This cafe is also known for serving up all kinds of delicious Italian food dishes and desserts.

Taco Dive is still the place that has my attention though. Another one that really stood out to me was Pizza Mia. You will enjoy any of these four best restaurants when looking for a place to eat out in Vero Beach. Just make sure you bring your appetite.